«Я стала свободно поворачивать шею, она стала более гибкая, боли прошли, соответственно самочувствие улучшилось, а вместе с ним и настроение!»

Чурикова Наталия, 40 лет, Москва

 ” FlexUp GYM & Crossfit had me at a first fitness workout. It’s a truly inspiring team of fitness professionals. They are able to spread the love for what they teach to everyone. Their abilities and enthusiasm are just overwhelming! “

Nickie O’Malley

” Since I started CrossFit  classes at this gym, my self confidence have risen significantly. I can do dozens more of push-ups and lifts than ever before. Now I’m absolutely hooked up for a healthy lifestyle and a life full of physical activity! “

Gary Lewis